Chautha Aadmi

Chautha Aadmi (Hindi)

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About the Author

Shoaib Sadiq

Back in Pakistan, Mr.Shoaib Sadiq after doing his L.L.B chose law as profession but soon he lost interest in that profession and later switched over to journalism. He was fond of writing from his school days.

Being a young journalist he has the privilege of being Editor of his own literary magazine called ‘Adabi Chehra’ (literary face). He started publishing the magazine In Gujrat, Pakistan in 1998. He continued bringing out the magazine even after he moved into Canada in 2003. Though he was confronted with problem of settling in this new land, he never remained out of touch from journalism and kept working as resident editor of a couple of other Pakistani literary magazines.

As he was energetic and hardworking, soon he got a good job in Canlyte Phillips in Cornwall. He has a wife (Shafana Khan) and two sons namely Alyan and Reyan.

After being settled financially Mr. Shoaib started devoting his time on writing short stories (fiction) based on his experiences. He has a strong grip over Indo- Pak and Canadian culture and society. I met him over a decade ago when I was busy writing a book historical in nature. Since then we had been meeting each other almost every day. I hardly noticed in my life a person like him writing so regularly despite his busy schedule. In fact he was writing stories on war footing. His efforts brought fruits and he was able to get published his first book under the title ‘Chautha Aadmi’ (Fourth Person) in 2010 which is a collection of his short stories.

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Product Description

Chautha Aadmi (Hindi)

Translator in Hindi:  Dr. Sabira Begum Sheikh
Language: Hindi
Pages: 120
ISBN: 9780986747243

Montreal, QC, Canada (CITP INC.), April 16, 2015 – ‘Chautha Aadmi’ means ‘Fourth Person’ in Hindi, Punjabi and Urdu. Due to much similarities in the three languages, the ‘Chautha Aadmi’ book is released for the third time in Hindi. Originally it was written in Urdu and it has been translated in Punjabi already. The short story writer, Shoaib Sadiq propounds and explores societal taboos.
Written about everyday experiences in society, the stories give a familiar feeling and are very easy to relate to. As well these bring out the obvious and obscene one usually avoids under status-quo.
The irony and the subtle twists in the stories make them funny and quite interesting.
The author Shoaib Sadiq is a prolific Urdu short-story writer with journalistic background. A lawyer by profession from Pakistan, he sheds light into the daily hypocrisies, rendering his works fiction based on non-fiction.
An author of four books, Shoaib is currently working on another fiction project. From Cornwall, Ontario, he is available for interviews and live readings. He can be reached at

Davey Kessel (published in Bharat Times Newspaper, April-May 2015 issue) 

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