Serenity Embraces the Storm

Serenity Embraces the Storm

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About the Author

Born in India, Monika Spolia grew up in Canada. She finished her BSc. in Physics and Mathematics and equivalency of minors in Anthropology at the University of British Columbia, Canada.

In 1998 she was part of the research and coordination of the development of the project entitled “Embracing Diversity” that included an information package, a video and a series of presentations to the business community of Kelowna (British Columbia, Canada) promoting diverse working environment and cultural competence.

Always fascinated by cultures and grass-root movements and wanting to reconnect with India, she travelled to India to pursue her Masters in Anthropology at the University of Rajasthan, Jaipur where she was Gold Medalist. During this time, she also conducted independent research on Adivasi (indigenous people) in India and worked on a resettlement action plan for villages in Rajasthan. Her works were published in India in the books, ‘Fairs and Festivals of Indian Tribes’ and ‘Tribal Dances of India’.

She has often been on the forefront for expressing her ideas and theories. She completed her Doctorate in Anthropology and Political Science. As a social activist, she organizes and partakes a lot of Indo-Canadian events bringing together a harmonious hodgepodge of cultural communities, a Canadian society, Unity in Diversity.

With years of experience in writing, research and journalism, she is the Chief Editor and founder publisher of Bharat Times Newspaper in Montreal, Canada. Since its inception in 2003, Bharat Times has been acclaimed because of its innovation and popularity, and its catchy style has often been imitated.

In recognition of her achievements, she received the Outstanding Business Person Award 2005, from Flora Marlow, the President of NACOI, National Association of Canadians of Origins in India, at the 25th Banquet Award Ceremony in Montreal, Canada.

In 2006, she was the ‘Hind-Ratan’ Award nominee (Indian Jewel Award) from NRI (Non-Resident Indian) Welfare Society of India for the year 2006 in regards to the achievements in mass-media communication and implementation of a full fledged intercultural newspaper in Canada.

She was instrumental with the team of Dr. Uma Shanker Srivastava in the installation of Mahatma Gandhi Busts in Quebec City (2006) and in Brossard (January 2009), Quebec, Canada.

She was recognized with a plaque as a member of the Grievance Committee instrumental in the Gurudwara democratic election in 2007 by the Gurbani Sagar Shree Guru Ravidas Temple, Montreal, Canada.

At ‘Bharat Times 2010 Annual Banquet’ Mrs. Flora Almeida Marlow awarded Monika Spolia, the Editor of Bharat Times with the ‘Champions of Freedom Award’ recognizing courage, honesty and perseverance in the promotion and preservation of freedom in written & oral communications.

From the ‘Little Angels Society’, sponsored by ‘Peace Today’, Dr. April Collins bestowed an ‘Award of Excellence’ in ‘Small Business’ to Monika Spolia of Bharat Times for reporting and writing in 2011-2012.

In December 2012 she received a ‘Writers Lifeline International Editor of the Year’ award from Dr. Stephen Gill for her dedication to the cause of ethnic journalism and for promoting understanding through cultural activities and as the managing editor of Bharat Times.

She has always held her parents dear to her heart. In a way, her first book is the result of Gandhian non-violence philosophy, which shaped her upbringing, thanks to her parents. The book is entitled, ‘Peace Through Violence or Non-violence? A Solution to World’s Major Conflicts: Re-Exploring Gandhian
Philosophy’ (2013).

In August 2013 she received an appreciation plaque, ‘In Recognition of 10 Years of News for ICAM’ from Parc-Extension (Montreal, Canada) City Councilor Mme. Mary Deros, given by ICAM, India Canada Association of Montreal, President CB Singh Senger.

In October 2014 Dr. Monika Spolia received an appreciation award from a representative of Canada’s opposition party, New Democratic Party’s leader Honorable Thomas Muclair, given by Nizam Uddin of Himalaya Seniors of Parc-Extension, Montreal, Canada.

In December 2014 The Little Angels Society’s ‘Writers and Publishing Award’ for promoting Peace and Health through Education was proudly and deservingly presented to her husband, creative Manes Liautaud (2014) and dedicated Dr. Monika Spolia (2014) who daily spend long hours promoting peace through writing.

In February 2015 she received ‘Haji Manzoor Hussain Sialkoti Award’ from ‘Rozan Adbi Forum’ and ‘World Punjabi Forum’, given in collaboration by Muhammad Afzal Raaz (secretary general of ‘World Pun Forum’) in Pakistan and Shoaib Sadiq of Adbi Chehra in Cornwall, Ontario, Canada.

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Product Description

Serenity Embraces the Storm
Vagabond Steps of Decorous Penchant
An Anthology of Poems by Dr. Monika Spolia
(in English and Hindi)


“The most insightful, provocative and profound poems I have ever read.”

  • John Linden, World Peace Patriot

“While reading the author’s poetry one gets a feel of an artistic intellect. The lines flow easily and with a quiet beauty. At the end of a poem, it seems like there is just enough to make you hope for more. But much isn’t said so that one’s imagination can carry you further in realms of the poem and the story.”

  • Manes Liautaud


Montreal, QC, Canada (Vesta Publications Ltd.) March 13, 2015 – Author Monika Spolia has unleashed her artistic wave in another compelling book coming shortly. Her poems touch the reader’s heart and yet leave much to wonder.

Covering many arenas, the poems range from cosmic liberation to love to peace. Her choice of words and the way she binds them in a poem pulls one closer for a glimpse in her perspective.

One must purchase “Serenity Embraces the Storm” and see for themselves as words cannot describe the beauty and wonder that answers questions from the depths of your soul. This book simply makes a perfect gift to anyone you love, brother, sister, father, mother, friend, teacher or that someone special.

Dr. Spolia’s mastery in both languages, English and Hindi, is quite interesting and perhaps the reason for her mystifying writing.

“Serenity Embraces the Storm” has English poems on one side of the book and Hindi poems on the other side of the book, titled “Shaleen Lagan ke Aawara Kadam” (Vagabond Steps of Decorous Penchant) with artwork and illustrations, so the reader not only reads the poem but also experiences it in a flight of imagination.

About the author: Dr. Monika Spolia is an established writer. Her last book, ‘Peace through Violence or Non-violence?’ was well received. Though there have been many books written on Peace, her approach remains fresh and consoling to controversies. She is well versed in English, Hindi, Punjabi and Urdu. Thus, her approach is crisp with multitude of perspectives to share.

Dr. Spolia confirms that she is currently working on other projects, fiction as well as non-fiction. She is also available for interviews and live readings. For more on her, visit

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